Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: December 2014

Kiss The Blade-The Party's Begun
NFD-The Highwayman
Isolation Division-Hold
The Danse Society-If I Were Jesus
The Last Cry-Chance
Plastique Noir-Rose Of Flesh And Blood
Scarlet Leaves-Luxuriae
Asylum Party-Play Alone
Luceed-Circus Made
Horror Vacui-The Return of Empire
Scofferlane-Distant Land
Garden Of Delight-Shared Creation
All About Eve-Candy Tree


Monday, 27 October 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: November 2014

Adoration-Made Of Rain
The Chameleons-Return Of The Roughnecks
Aeon Sable-Star Casualities
Aeon Sable-Summer's Almost Gone
Beastmilk-Death Reflects Us
Skeleton Hands-Reeducation
Winter Severity Index-The Brightest Days
Phosphor-One Night In Rome
Scarlet Leaves-Fate
Double Echo-Darkroom
The Last Cry-Life Of Lies (Acoustic)
Jordan Reyne-The Ferryman
Eden House-Wasted On Me


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: October 2014

Pretentious Moi-One Last Wish
Rhombus-Tomorrow's Yesterday
Angels Of Liberty-One Step Closer
Daimonion-Here Comes The Rain Again
Masquerade-Play Dead
The Harrow-Milk and Honey
Scarlet Leaves-Fate
Wayne Hussey-You Are Not Alone
The Inca Babies-The Stereo Plan
The Cramps-Journey To The Center of a Girl
Fangs On Fur-Artifice Shank!
Faces Of Sarah-I'll Wait For You
The Last Dance-Special Little Gift
Aeon Sable-Visions (Bat Boy Slim Remix)


Friday, 29 August 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: September 2014

Merciful Nuns-Zero G
Machinery Of Desire-Raven Angel
The Last Dance-Medicine
The Last Dance-Thoughtless
Saigon Blue Rain-What I Don't See
Wayne Hussey-Wither On The Vine
Red Sun Revival-Mistakes
Aeon Sable-Visions
Bird-Sea of Trees
The Raveonettes-Kill!
Lebanon Hanover-Hall Of Ice
Faces Of Sarah-Embers


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: August 2014

Double Eyelid-Dead Is Better
Anniversary Circle-Murdered You Last Night
Remain In Light-Longing (Feat. The Green Widow)
The Last Cry-Truth and Lies (Demo)
Partly Faithful - Scribbles
Christine Plays Viola-Scattered in the Dust (Slay With Dismay)
Sad Lovers And Giants-Things We Never Did (Live)
The Rain Within-Beating Hearts
Zola Jesus - Dangerous Days
The Mission-Lets Sleeping Dogs Die
Escarlatina Obsessiva-Guillotine
Jordan Reyne-Idioteque


Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: July 2014

Peter Murphy-Holy Clown
Raven Adore-Silence Is The Sweetest Sound
Loud-Black Hysteria
Play Dead-This Side of Heaven
Electric Corpse-She Lets The Light In
New Day's Delay-Stereokatastrophe
Junkyard and The Wings Of Desire-Watching
The Harrow-To a Figure
Black City Lights-Give It Up
The Cure-Apart (Renholdër Remix)
Night Sins-To London or the Lake
Merciful Nuns-The Nazarene
Bat Nouveau-Death Mask
Lowlife-Forever Filthy
Creature Feature-Nearly Departed


Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: June 2014

Glass House Museum-Nightmare
The Stompcrash-Duality (feat. Andrew Birch)
Carnival Star-Union City Blue (Cruel Britannia Alternate Mix)
The Last Dance-Scars
Principe Valiente-Wasted Time
Former Humans-Heavens Gate
Interview with Valor Kand Of Christian Death Pt.1
Christian Death-Electra Descending
Interview with Valor Kand Of Christian Death Pt.2
Christian Death-After The Rain
Belgrado-Vicious Circle
The Harrow-Violets
Dulce Muerte-Inert Reality


Monday, 28 April 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: May 2014

Mephisto Walz-The Folie
Dead Eyes Opened-Shadowplay
Aeon Sable-Monster in Me
Last Dance-This Tragedy
Remain In Light-Longing
Dead Born Babies-Black Party with Witches
Ultrastigma-Pesadilla De Una Noche De Verano
Attrition-One Horse Rider (Johnathan Christian Mix)
Lights That Change-Theme 1 Stage 3
Strap On Halo-It's All Over
Ski Patrol-Extinguish (2014 Restoration Mix)
Lotus Feed-I Could


The Haunted Wardrobe: April 2014

Angels Of Liberty-Sophia
Terminal Gods-Lessons In Fire
The Spiritual Bat-We Are Born We Live We Die
Vendemmian-Better Than Anything
Jane Woodman & Zoe Keating-Sister Europe
The Last Cry-This Future Has No Face
Lights That Change-Beautiful Soul
The Death Notes-Panacea
Kommunity FK-Doll Ov Thee Undead
Rhythm of Cruelty-Full Circle (Live on CJSW)
Tying-Tiffany-One Second
Bat Nouveau-Ghosteps
Catholic Spit-Devils Pact
Aurelio Voltaire-Oh My Goth


The Haunted Wardrobe: March 2014

Shadowhouse-Lonely Psalm
Dead Souls-The Other Side
Carnival Star-Velveteen
Strap On Halo-Mourning Embrace
Inca Babies-Big Cyprus
Marco Pirroni & Primal Scream-I Put A Spell On You
This Cold-Liquid
Uni Form-Pilot
The Faces Of Sarah-Belief
NFD-Now Or Never
Lights That Change-Beautiful Soul
Johnny Hollow-Temple of Love
Star Industry-Kids


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Top Goth: Driving Songs For The Darkly Inclined.

Created primarily out of the need for a decent driving compilation CD for my car, which then turned into a non-stop mix as well. These things happen...

Friday, 31 January 2014

The Haunted Wardrobe: February 2014

Bauhaus-In The Night
Skeletal Family-Waiting Here
PiL-The Order of Death
Echo & The Bunnymen-The Yo-Yo Man
Raven Adore-Silence Is The Sweetest Sound
Faith And The Muse-When We Go Dark
The Secret Meeting-Shiver X
Kooper Kain-Sentence Now
Carnival Art-Bullet Surprise
Manuskript-Flies In The Marzipan
Ulterior-Body Hammer
Star Industry-The Spirits Within
Nosferatu-Black Hole
The Creatures-Don't Go To Sleep Without Me


The Haunted Wardrobe: January 2014

(The Best of 2013)

Dead Eyes Opened-Believe
Carnival Star-My Coreen
The Eden House-The Tempest
Rhombus-Here Be Dragons
The Last Cry-Under My Skin
March Violets-Made Glorious
Jordan Reyne-The Annihilation Sequence
You Shriek-Black Sun
Twinmachine-Dance To The Rhythm Of Lead
Bellwether Syndicate-The Night Watch
All Hallows Eve-All Hallows Eve (feat.Tim Chandler)
Stupid Bitch Reject-Side By Side
Aeon Sable-Dancefloor Satellite
Principe Valiente-Take Me With You