Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Haunted Wardrobe: December 2013

Cocteau Twins-Frosty The Snowman
Funhouse-It Won't Happen Again
Pretentious, Moi?-Astrid
Carnival Star-My Coreen
The Exploding Boy-Dark City Pt. II
Interview with Patrik Mata of Kommunity FK
Kommunity FK-Thee New Tribe
Dru Amelia-Edges
Merciful Nuns-Demigods
Ankst - Carol of the Bells
PHOSPHOR-One Night In Rome
Bella Morte-My Heart Will Go On


Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Haunted Wardrobe: November 2013

Drowning Season with Curse
October People-The Garden
Come With Reverse-Mandolism
Stupid Bitch Reject-Inside My Asylum
Low Life-A Sullen Sky
Interview with The Last Cry @ The Rigger, Oct 2013
The Last Cry-Under My Skin feat. Julianne Regan (Archway Towers Remix)
The Mission Veo-New York Scum
Principe Valiente-She Never Returned
Killing Joke-Adorations
Gary Numan-Who Are You
Modern English-A Viable Commercial


The Haunted Wardrobe: October 2013

(From hereon in I shortened the show name for covenience all round.)

Arts of Erebus-Spark of Hope
Ikon-Subversion (2013 Remix)
Merciful Nuns-Evolution
Little Death Machine-Hit Me
Mekano Set-Black Aspirin
Twinmachine - 88mph
Audra-Midnight Moon Swing
Kill Memory Crash-Hell On Wheels
Interview with Jordan Reyne, 26th October 2013
Jordan Reyne-Factory Nation
Barbarellatones-Night of the Flesh Eating Dolls
The Last Cry feat. Julianne Regan-Under My Skin


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: September 2013

Leningrad Sandwich-Dollbreaks
Guilty Strangers-Hotel Limbo
Limbo-I Hate You
Christ Vs Warhol-Paper Dolls
Passion Play-Sight For Sore Eyes
Remain In Light-Open Mindway
Solemn Novena-As Darkness Falls
Isolation Division-Valentine
Aeon Sable-Tenfifteen
O Children-Ruins
Diary Of Dreams-Grey The Blue
Winter Severity Index-Blue Bird
Barbarellatones-I Am Verevolf


Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: August 2013

Ulterior-Body Hammer
You Shriek-Black Sun
Red Sun Revival-Last Chance
Ikon-Without Shadows
Strap On Halo-Only In Death
Virgin Prunes-Baby Turns Blue
Jordan Reyne-The Annihilation Sequence
Faith And The Muse-When We Go Dark
Escarlatina Obsessiva-Fakir
Horse And Hattock-Send Your Ghost To Me
Grooving In Green-Serpentine
Partly Faithful-Stop
Disjecta Membra-Rats


Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: July 2013

Pink Turns Blue-Your Master Is Calling
Rugaru-Little Girl (Darkwave Mix)
Scarlet Leaves-Fate
White Lies-Getting Even
Dead Eyes Opened-Tyrants
Ending The Vicious Cycle-Back To Me 2
Rhombus-What You Wanted
Cocteau Twins-Blood Bitch
Jesus & Mary Chain-Cracking Up
Bellwether Syndicate-All Fire
Nosferatu-Darkness Brings


Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: June 2013

Screams For Tina-In Her House
Double Echo-Plain Sight
All Hallows Eve-All Hallows Eve
Christine Plays Viola-Scattered In The Dust (Slay With Dismay)
Waterglass-Far From Faith
Hyena Motorcade-10000 Sparrows
Kitchens Of Distinction-Elephantine
Sex Gang Children-Killer K
Strap On Halo-Monsters
Love and Rockets-No New Tale To Tell
Luxury Stranger-Face
Adoration-Same As It Ever Was
Star Industry-Last Crusades
Alien Sex Fiend-R.I.P.


Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: May 2013

Eden House-The Tempest
Dead Eyes Opened-Tyrants
Ulterior-Body Hammer
Twinmachine-Dance To The Rhythm Of Lead
Cryogenica-Dying a Little Death
Stupid Bitch Reject-Side By Side
Principe Valiente-Take Me With You
Nick Cave-Water's Edge
Kill Your Boyfriend-Chester
In Loving Memory-Emmanuelle
Xmal Deutschland-Polarlicht
The Faces Of Sarah-Where No Shadows Fall
Merry Thoughts-House Of Rain (Trick or Treat)


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: April 2013

New Zero God (feat. Maxi Nil) - The Night Calls Your Name
The Silence Industry-Yours Is the Light
Lotus Feed-Home of the Watchmen
Danse Society-The Wolf
Scarehead-Plague Bones
We Came from Waters-The Maze
Angels of Liberty-Talk About Nothing
Aeon Sable-Dancefloor Satellite
(Loungeroom Satellite Remix by DJ Cruel Britannia)
Stupid Bitch Reject-Only
Dead Eyes Opened-Believe
Kitchens of Distinction-Elephantine
Ghost Dance-Rock It
Rose Of Avalanche-Too Many Castles In The Sky


Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: March 2013

Dream Disciples-Resting Place
Plastique Noir-Rose Of Flesh And Blood
Soulscape-Winter Light
Boudoir-Calling To You
Raven Adore-Chase
Da!-Dark Rooms
Partly Faithful-Underset
The Last Dance-Fairytale (The Storm)
Quasimodo-Atrocity Girl
Junkyard and The Wings Of Desire-Watching
Ascetic-We Are Not All Dead
The Foreign Resort-Buried
The Last Cry-Through Her Eyes


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: February 2013

Bat Nouveaux-Slowburn
Luiza Fria-I'm Tired of Life
Return To Khaf'ji-Truth
Bloodpenny-Transparent Town
Lotus Feed-Second Skin
Grooving In Green-Lucid
PHOSPHOR-To Never Love Again
O Children-Holy Wood
Malaise-Some Nights
Among The Weeds-Frail
Sapphire Solace-Shine
Radio DCS-Voodoo Doll
Trisomie 21-Angels Of Rain
Frank The Baptist-Harlot Of Nations

Your bloody Valentine.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: January 2013

All Gone Dead-Vivid Still Beating
Principe Valiente-One More Time
Jerusalem Syndrome-Demise Of Eden
Raven Adore-Killing Me
The Cult-Gimmick
Newlydeads-Cities In Dust
Faces Of Sarah-Impurity
The Last Cry-Virtual Fix
Madness Of The Night-Voices Of The People
Opposite Sex-Violent Heartstrings
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Monkey's On Juice
Adoration-Touch The Water
RRRRRRR-Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Miranda Sex Garden-Peep Show
Marquee Moon-Beyond The Pale

Grab it here.