Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: January 2012

The Eternal Fall-Always It's the Same
Esben And The Witch-Marching Song
Merciful Nuns-Sanctuary
Principe Valiente-One More Time
Danse Society-Black Dream
Hatesex-A Rose Without Eyes
Mephisto Walz-The Storm
Strap On Halo-Monsters
Snake Dance-Fall From Grace
Plastique Noir-Rose Of Flesh And Blood
Miserylab-Children Of The Poor
Last Cry-To Dream Next To You

Happy New Year

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Cruel Britannia's Haunted Wardrobe: December 2011

20 Years of British Gothic Rock Pt2

NFD-Light My Way
Devilish Presley-The Beast Must Die
Ghost Of Lemora-To The Gods That Walk Among Us
Vendemmian-Didn't Say It Was You
Luxury Stranger-Empty Men
Faces Of Sarah-Sick And Tired
Inkubus Sukkubus-Belladonna & Aconite
Rome Burns-Empty Samsara
Voices Of Masada-Walk Away
Cauda Pavonis-Carnival Noir
Pretentious Moi-Witchhouse
Midnight Configuration-Unholy Beat
Berlin Black-Burn It Down
Rhombus-Good King Wenceslas

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