Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Haunted Wardrobe: April 2016

Fields Of The Nephilim-Prophecy
The Awakening-Heaven Waits
The Dead Souls-In Empty Dreams
A Silent Noise-Tersicore
ghost//signals-Trauma! Trauma! Trauma!
New Zero God-Shut Up (Cruel Britannia Remix)
Remain In light-Burning Stage (Cruel Britannia Remix)
Moonchild-Holy Mass
Kooper Kain-San Severin
Beauty Of Gemina-Shadow Dancer
Curve-Horror Head
Dream Disciples-Walk The Wire
Wayne Hussey-Marian


The Haunted Wardrobe: March 2016

Big Electric Cat-Sapphire
The Marionettes-Damien
Claytown Troupe-Hey Lord
Ikon-Azkadelia II
Merciful Nuns-The Maelstrom
The Harrow-Mouth To Mouth
Ash Code-Night Rite
Black City Lights-Give It Up
Plastique Noir-I'm Coming From Nowhere
Feeding Fingers-And Crayon Toxic Twins
The Palace Wolves-Lights That Fade
Siouxsie And The Banshees-Desert Kisses
The Chameleons-In Shreds
Death Party UK-The Devils Music


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Haunted Wardrobe: February 2016

Aeon Sable-Elysion (Club Mix)
In Isolation-Elder Statesman
Berlin Black-Stumble And Fall
Lotus Feed-Supervision
NU-N-Dance to the Sun
Sweet Ermengarde-Tender Russian Roulette
Victorient-Flower Of Pain
The Arch-Fates
Long Night-Sorrow Returns
She Wants Revenge-Never
Skeleton Hands-Ravage
Cult Club-Never Enough
Double Eyelid-She's Falling (Cruel Britannia Remix)
New Zero God-Shut Up (Cruel Britannia Remix)
Zeitgeist Zero-Loose Lips Sink Ships


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Haunted Wardrobe: January 2016

Alien Sex Fiend-Silver Machine
Quasimodo-Kiss Of Death
Angels of Liberty-Love Still Remains
Diary Of Dreams-Homesick
Draconian Incubus-Victim (Of Love)
Gild The Mourn-Alexine
Gild The Mourn-Aos Sí (Elven Song)
Feeding Fingers-Polaroid Papercuts
Feeding Fingers-Your Candied Laughter Crawls
Tim Muddiman & The Strange-Hands And Claws
Tim Muddiman and The Strange-Your Drugs
In Isolation-Parlance
Palace Wolves-Siren
Shadowhouse-A Darkness
Partly Faithful-Big Bang Medicine
Berlin Black-Nothing More
Paul Devine-The Endless Cigarette


The Haunted Wardrobe: December 2015

Abney Park-Rudolf
Ankst-Carol of the Bells
Reliquary-Winter World
London After Midnight-The Christmas Song
Cocteau Twins-Winter Wonderland
BATZZ In The Belfry-O Holy Night
Inkubus Sukkubus-Hail the Holly King
The Hiram Key-Dizzy Christmas
The Ramones-Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)
The Dark Shadows-Written In The Snow
Strap On Halo-Ode to Krampus
Model Kaos-Winter Without You
The Cruxshadows-December Lights (Merry Christmas Dear)
Jordan Reyne-Song for Winter Solstice
Toyah-I Believe In Father Christmas
Wayne Hussey-White Christmas


Monday, 2 November 2015

The Haunted Wardrobe: November 2015

Der Himmel über Berlin-Kafka Motel
Horror Vacui-I LIke It When A Soldier Dies
Dogs In Trees-Teraz i Jutro
Remain In Light-Burning Stage
Efecto Violeta-Adrenalina
Gild The Mourn-Shade
Gild The Mourn-Night
The Rain Within-Thunderheart
Aeon Sable-Ceremony
Play Dead-Company Of Justice
Shadowhouse-Lonely Psalm
Soulscape-World We Have Lost
In Isolation-Truth Or Dare
Diary Of Dreams-Endless Nights


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Haunted Wardrobe: October 2015

Der Himmel über Berlin-Alone In My Room
Spiral69-Exile Of The Heart
The Deep Eynde-Devilchild
Dystopian Society-Antisocial
Ausgang-I Fear The Fear
All About Eve-End of the Day
Dead Souls Rising-Sin
Dawn Of Elysium-Smoke And Mirrors (Cruel Britannia Goth Mix)
Christine Plays Viola-Apocryphal Supremacy
The Last Dance-Whisper (Between Strobelights)
Angie Damage-Poppa's A Healer
Gild The Mourn-Shade
The Foreign Resort-Orange Glow